Would you like to have a daily tool with these benefits:

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Goal Achievement
  • Activities Organizers
  • Life Balance Reports
  • Time Usage Reports
  • Team colaboration panels
  • Effective Delegation
  • Optimal Follow Up
  • Reminders and Metrics
  • Time Optimization Training
Life Balance, Organized & Productive Teams, Activities & Projects in proper Order.
Is what you want to have, right?

Measure & improve the way you organice you days and activities.
Have life balance
Live & attain the most important things for you
By using this tool, you can expect to improve the way you use your time. That is why we say: "Jap Discipline to yout Life, Amazing Results!"
There is and old say: "hommo sapiens uses tools". The tools are made to make things easier & faster. We made this tool to organice your days, activities, goals, projects, life balance and more.
Have all your tasks organized by date, hour, type of time usage, priority level and project.
Visualice your tasks in your agenda, edit them, and keep in sight any reminder notes that can be converted into tasks when you need to. Organize your projects by name, by task quantity or by spheres of life.
Invite any person to your different projects and sub-projects to get things done properly, and have the best collaborative experience. You can assign the level of leadership of each teammate.
Create and edit tasks easily, make effective delegations, track at every moment the time you plan to use.
Measure the scheduled time VS effectively used time of every project with our  graphic reports
Keep track of how you distribute your time and activities through your diferent projects daily, weekly, monthly and more.
Always check if you aren´t forgetting any aspect of your life, so that you actually have the famous life balance.
Organize your workflow by Agenda Structure, Gantt Charts or Kanban Cards. You choose the more confortable view.
Chat internally with your teams and groups, so that the productivity and communication never stop.
Sign up for free, and only if you need more features, you can choose the paid subscription plan that is best for you
Our "Personal" Plan, our free plan.
You can create a fully operational account for free, and start creating up to 10 Personalized Projects.
  • In each project you will be able to create up to 200 unique tasks (when you reach the task 201, you can choose between automatically erasing the oldest tasks in that project or erasing the ones you select).
  • Also you can set for each project one project leader and one metric in order to follow up the results you are pursuing.
  • Every project can have up to 5 persons added, so that everyone can keep up with every news, task, and let best teamwork flow properly.
  • There are some activities such as weekly meetings, classes or sales follow ups, that require presence in your agenda, that is why you can create up 25 repetitive and/or follow up tasks for all the projects, so that you do not miss anything on the way. 

If you need more projects and features you can subscribe our premium plans: "Professional" (a popular and economic choice) or "Business" (with unlimited tasks and projects to create, and sufficient amount of the other features). 

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